At Mildan Market we pride ourselves in not only providing the most fashion forward decor but sharing our passion with you our friends, our customers.

These inspirations range from travel and architecture to our most beloved furry friends.

Sharing our hearts with you through our products and we encourage you to immerse yourself in the Mildan Market experience.


We carry a riveting selection of home decor pieces - stunning mirrors, elegant art, chairs, stools and faux plants.

Our selection is carefully curated and may lend to various styles such as classic, modern, coastal, Scandanavian, farmhouse, rustic.

The goal is to create an enhanced and inspiring space that transcends into any preferred style.


RDG are "curators of captivating art" - self proclaimed and undoubtedly correct

In collaboration with Republic Design Group, we have curated an extensive line of dreamy art.

Accentuating true artful expression through prints, oils and sculpture art.

Creating perception through texture, depth and colour to be fully enjoyed.