Transform your small bedroom into a tidy haven with our space-saving solutions and hacks.

How To Organize a Small Bedroom: Maximizing Space and Storage Solutions

Organizing a small bedroom can be tough, especially when everything has to fit into a limited space. However, with some smart strategies and storage solutions, you can maximize even the tiniest of spaces and create a functional and stylish bedroom. In this blog post, we'll give tips to organize your small bedroom like a pro. If you're a parent optimizing your kid's bedroom or looking to maximize your small space, this guide has the tools to transform your bedroom into a neat oasis.

The Importance Of Organizing a Small Bedroom

A cluttered and disorganized bedroom can create stress and anxiety, making it tough to relax and unwind. This applies especially to children, who can struggle with sleeping and focusing when their room is messy. To combat this, try to keep their space tidy and well-organized. By organizing your small bedroom, you create a more peaceful and calming environment, which can improve your mood and overall well-being. An organized bedroom saves time and energy by making it easier to find what you need and get ready in the morning.

How To Organize a Small Bedroom

Creating a minimalist room is all about simplifying and decluttering your space. Here are a few tips to help you organize a small bedroom:

1. Assess the Space: 

Before you start organizing, take a good look at your small bedroom and evaluate your needs. To determine what you should save and what you should toss, consider your room size, furniture, and storage needs. Measure your room and furniture, make a list, and keep what you require while giving away or discarding what you don't.

2. Maximize Storage: 

The key to organizing a small bedroom is to maximize your storage space. Invest in multi-functional furniture, such as a bed with built-in drawers, a nightstand with a shelf, or a storage ottoman. Use the walls for storage by installing shelves or hanging organizers. You can also use under-bed storage containers, boxes or over-the-door organizers to store items that you don't use every day.

3. Declutter: 

Less is more when it comes to organizing a small bedroom. To create space and reduce clutter, get rid of items that you no longer need or use. Consider donating clothes that no longer fit or toys that your children have outgrown. Throw away anything that is broken or damaged.

4. Categorize Your Belongings: 

Categorize belongings: clothes, shoes, books, toys. This will help you determine the best storage solutions for each category. Use a hanging organizer for shoes, a dresser for clothes, and a bookshelf for books, to keep things organized.

5. Use Vertical Space: 

If your small bedroom has high ceilings, use them to your advantage. Install tall shelves or a wardrobe that reaches the ceiling to maximize storage space. You can also use a loft bed to create more floor space for other furniture or activities.

6. Keep it Clean: 

Once you've organized your small bedroom, make sure to keep it clean and clutter-free. Encourage your children to put away their toys and clothes when they're done using them, and incorporate a weekly cleaning routine to keep the room tidy.

By choosing furniture that is functional, space-saving, and multi-purpose, you can optimize a small bedroom to meet your child's needs while still feeling comfortable and inviting.

Round Mirror With Wood Frame On Wall

What Type Of Headboard Should I Have For a Small Bedroom?

Choosing the right headboard for a small space requires some important considerations. Firstly, opt for a headboard that doesn't take up too much room. A tall, heavy headboard can make a small room feel even smaller. Instead, opt for a headboard that is low-profile and streamlined.

A simple upholstered headboard or a minimalist wooden headboard can work well in a smaller space. When selecting a headboard, remember to consider functionality. If storage is a concern, a headboard with built-in shelving or drawers may be worth considering. This can provide extra storage for books, small electronics, or other items.

A headboard with built-in lighting can save space that would be used up by a bedside lamp. Consider this option when shopping for furniture. 

Finally, consider the overall design aesthetic of the room. If your child's room has a modern, minimalist vibe, choose a headboard that complements that aesthetic. If your child's room has a traditional or rustic feel, opt for a matching headboard instead.

What Furniture Should I Choose For a Small Bedroom?

To get the most out of a small bedroom space, furniture choices need to be strategic and intentional. Here are some key furniture pieces to consider:

1. Bed: 

The bed is typically the most significant item of furniture in a bedroom, making selecting an appropriately sized bed an important decision. Consider a twin or full size bed instead of a queen or king. A platform bed with built-in storage or a trundle bed can also help save space.

2. Dresser: 

Instead of a large dresser, consider a smaller chest of drawers or a vertical dresser that takes up less floor space. Look for one with ample storage and consider using the top of the dresser as a vanity or nightstand.

3. Nightstand: 

A nightstand can provide valuable storage and surface space, but it doesn't have to be a traditional piece of furniture. Consider using floating shelves or a wall-mounted unit instead.

4. Desk: 

If you need to create a workspace for your child's bedroom, choose a small desk with storage or a wall-mounted option that can be easily folded away when not needed.

5. Storage solutions: 

To make the most of a small bedroom, storage is key. Look for creative solutions like under-bed storage, plastic cube containers, hanging organizers, or wall-mounted shelves.

Be Flexible With What You Need

To make the most of a tight bedroom space, it's essential to remain flexible and assess your priorities. What works for one person might not work for someone else. Remember, a small bedroom doesn't have to feel cramped or uncomfortable. One additional tip to consider is investing in a rolling cart. A rolling cart can help keep items easily accessible and can be moved around as needed. Whether you use it for books and toys or as a makeshift nightstand, a rolling cart can be a versatile addition to a small bedroom.

How Can I Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger?

Small bedrooms can feel cramped and uncomfortable, especially for children. Fortunately, there are several hacks to make them look bigger and more functional. Here are some tips to help you create an optimal space for your child.

1. Use light colors: 

Light colors can make a room feel more spacious. This is because they reflect light and make the room brighter. Painting the walls in light colors like white, cream, or pastel shades will help create the illusion of space.

2. Use mirrors:

Mirrors can visually double the size of a room. You can place a big mirror on a wall, or group together several mirrors to make a mirror wall. This will reflect light and make the room feel brighter and more spacious.

3. Maximize storage: 

A cluttered room can make a small space feel even smaller. To avoid this, maximize storage space by using shelves, cabinets, and under-bed storage boxes. Keeping the room tidy and organized can make it feel more spacious.

4. Use multi-functional furniture: 

Using furniture that serves multiple purposes can help save space. Furniture with added storage or multi-functional pieces, such as a desk that doubles as a bed, can maximize space in a small room.

5. Use vertical space: 

Utilizing the vertical space in a room can help create more storage and make the room feel taller. You can use tall bookshelves or install floating shelves above the bed to store items and keep them off the floor.


To make the most of a small bedroom, you need the right tools and techniques. With them, you can create a comfy and practical space for your kid. By using light colors, mirrors, maximizing storage, using multi-functional furniture, and utilizing vertical space, you can make the most of the available space in your child's bedroom. Keep your needs and preferences flexible and don't be afraid to get creative. Follow these tips and use some ingenuity to create a small bedroom comfortable for your child while feeling spacious and organized.

Final Thoughts

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