Elevate your interior with our guide to pairing faux-plants with the ideal planters. From modern to boho styles, we cover sizing options and expert tips to enhance your space effortlessly.

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Looking to add some greenery into your home but not sure what the plant and planter combination are the right ones? With some many different styles, we want to help you choose one you will love.

Below we cover our planters and faux-plants to help you with your selection process. 

Look at Your Space First

While faux plants don't have the same light and space requirements as their living plants, selecting the right faux plant and planter combo still involves careful consideration of your space and decor style. Below we cover a few things we generally like to ask when we are recommending our products. 

  • Take note of the overall aesthetic of your home decor, whether it's modern, traditional, minimalist, eclectic, or another style.
  • Determine the dominant colors and tones in your decor scheme to ensure that the faux plants and planters complement rather than clash with existing hues.
  • Consider the textures and materials present in your decor, such as wood, metal, glass, or fabrics, and choose faux plants and planters that harmonize with these elements.

  • Evaluate the scale and proportion of your furniture and decor items to select faux plants and planters that complement the size and layout of the space without overwhelming it.
  • Take into account your personal preferences and design preferences, such as your affinity for specific plant varieties, colors, or decorative motifs.
  • Visualize how the faux plants and planters will enhance the overall look and feel of the space, adding visual interest, depth, and character to your home decor.

About Our Planters

We have 2 types of planters we carry: Fiberglass and Rattan. Both collections work with either real or faux-plants. Both styles of planters can also be used indoors or outdoors (seasonal). We do not recommend leaving them outside in the winter as our winters are too harsh and can destroy the planters.

Rattan Collection

The rattan collection includes a removable pot for easy maintenance, with the added option to create a drainage hole.

Fiberglass Collection

The fiberglass collection features a built-in drainage hole, allowing for proper water and air circulation to promote healthy plant growth.

Rattan planters come with a removable pot used to elevate the plants.
Fiberclay planters come with a drainage hole

You can virtually match many of our faux-plants and planters any way that you like. Here are three key aspects to consider when exploring your options.


We start by considering balance. Is there a harmonious proportion between the plant and its planter? It's about symmetry – the top and bottom should feel evenly matched. We steer clear of extremes, ensuring neither the plant nor the planter dominates the scene. Below, you'll find examples of perfectly balanced pairings that embody this principle.

The Keanu Light Brown Rattan Planter + Palm is spot-on with its width, creating a flawless balance from top to bottom.

With the Nerida Dark Brown Planter, you get the same height in both the planter and the faux-plant, keeping things perfectly in sync.

Above are two examples where the plant fits snugly into the planter, creating a balance where the fullness at the bottom beautifully complements the top.

Both trees look great in the Vera Planter, featuring a curved base and fluted texture. This planter is also available in sleek black, offering versatility.


If your decor leans towards a natural organic style, then the texture of rattan planters complements this theme perfectly. 

The woven patterns of rattan offer a sense of nature and rustic charm, working well with other natural elements such as wood, stone, or woven textiles. Incorporating faux-plants with lifelike textures creates a look that feels very cozy and homey.

Whereas, in a more contemporary or minimalist decor scheme, the smooth texture of fiberclay planters lends a sleek and polished touch. 

The clean lines and refined finish complement modern furnishings and minimalist design elements, creating a sense of sophistication and elegance.


Next is style. What style are you looking for? Do you want something more modern, rustic, or contemporary?

Generally the fiberglass planters are more modern. For example, the onion grass looks incredibly modern and sleek in a fiberglass planter. (Pictured left below). 

When paired with a rattan planter, (Pictured right below) it gives a completly different vibe - more Bohemian and relaxed.

"It really depends on how you want the space to make you feel."

If Boho Is Your Style

A relaxed vibe of rattan planters with onion grass
A relaxed patio vibe of the rattan planters and onion grass.

We love the rustic feel of bohemian style, brought to life by light brown rattan planters with vibrant onion grass. If you love the organic feel, you will love this look. 

If Contemporary Is Your Style

Salma black planter and accent chair in a living room
A contemporary look with the Ficus Tree and Salma Black Planter.

Our Salma sleek fiberclay planter is designed with clean lines and minimalist design. It's a very simple, streamlined planter crafted from high-quality fiberclay, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. As a medium size planter it can work well with various plants.

If Coastal Is Your Style

Black fiberglass planter and a faux-palm tree in a backyard
Moroccan Fiberclay Planter in black with the Faux-Palm Tree.

Faux-palm trees remain a favorite for coastal aesthetics, and are a top pick for poolside areas, ensuring beauty without the maintenance hassle. They look great in any planter with a wider-base.

If Southwestern Is Your Style

Poolside, another favorite addition to the coastal ambiance is the faux-cacti. When you want something cool and green that isn't too obtrusive, the cacti are a top contender.

If Mediterranean Is Your Style

There's something about their presence of Olive Trees that evoke the laid-back lifestyle of the Mediterranean region. We think of a lazy afternoons and the warm coastal breeze under the Mediterranean sun.

The Final Touches

After you have selected your planter, it is time to plant it.

If planting outdoors: 

1.Secure your planter. We generally do this by adding a heavy brick or some stones to the planter to keep it from flying away.

2. Fill your planter. You can use the plastic that comes with the packing materials or you can use cut up pool noodles as they won't rot if it rains.

3. Use an upside down pail if you want to raise your plant.

4. Top it off with mulch, rocks or stones.

If planting indoors:

Use the packing materials (cardboard and plastic) that your plant arrived in to fill and secure the planter. If you want to add height, use a riser or an upside down pail. Fill with stones, dried moss or mulch. We generally like to match the colours to the planter but you can use any ones that you like. 

Use an upside down pail if you want to raise your plant.

Black Mexican Rock
Black Mexican Stone
A hand holding dried moss
Dried Mulch.

If you have any questions about the right plant and planter combination, we are here to help. Simply reach out via the chat box and we will get back to you. 

Click here to see our entire faux-plant collection and here to see our planter collection.

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